Restaurant La Cort

Restaurant La Cort is located in the central square known as the Plaça de Les Voltes, in the beautiful mediaeval village of Peratallada, in the heart of the Empordanet.

It is housed in a 12th-century property which still preserves part of the city wall and in which, in the past, the family had an oil and wine mill.

Currently, La Cort is an ideal place to enjoy market cuisine in which the main concept revolves around grilled products, be they fish, vegetables or a large selection of meat, both locally sourced as well as imported.

Our specialities also include rice dishes and snails, as well as our home-made desserts.

In good weather, you will be able to enjoy our terraces. We have a menu of the day as well as an à la carte menu with seasonal suggestions.

We offer options for group menus, vegetarian dishes and also food for the youngest members of the family.


Kitchen opening times

Winter 12:30-15:30 / 20:00-22:30 Closed on Wednesday evenings and all day Thursday

Summer 12:30-16:00 / 19:30-23:00 Open every day

We close for holidays during November


For further information and bookings, please contact us


We hope to see you at La Cort!